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Used Darkroom Equipment & Accessories, Monterey, Calif.

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Seal dry mount press; Model Masterpiece 350; 24" x 30" and Dry Mounting Tissue $ 400.00
3 ea. Darkroom Tray 20x24 Paper $ 20.00 Each
Heyco Grain Focuser For Darkroom Enlarging $ 5.00
Kodak Darkroom Safelight Wratten Series Oa 10x12 $ 5.00
Photo Lab Index Morgan & Lester,Cumulative Formulary of Standard Recommended Photographic Procedures 1946 Books $ 20.00
7th Edition of Henry Lester's Photo-Lab-Index Morgan & Lester,Cumulative Formulary of Standard Recommended Photographic Procedures $ 20.00
Labex - Wallner Model DS-90 Monochrome timer-Analyzer $ 40.00
Paterson contact printer $ 10.00
Photo Contact Printer Also Use As A Light Box Light-box $ 50.00
Photographic Chemical Storage Containers 5 Gal $ 10.00
Printing Easels Albert 11x14 has four blades $ 40.00
Printing Easels LPL 11x14 has two blades $ 20.00
Stainless Steel Carr 5x7 Sheet Film Hanger $ 10.00
Stainless Steel Developing Reels For 35 mm & 120 Film $ 1.50
Stainless Steel Film Developing tanks $ 10.00
Stainless Steel tank 8.5x2.5 10 deep $ 20.00
Stainless Steel tank 8x11 10 deep $ 20.00
Stainless Steel tray 13x16x3 deep $ 20.00
Stainless reel for 220 $ 1.00 each
4x5 Sheet Film Holders 10 each $ 20.00
4x5 Darkroom Developing Racks + Assorted Film Hanging $ 20.00
5x7 Film Hanging 16 each $ 20.00
Ansco Easy Clip Stainless Steel Film Clips $ 5.00
Weston model 100 35 mm bulk film loader $ 1.00
Kodak Hard-rubber Tank for 4x5 or 5x7 3 each $ 10.00
Pakomax Dryer - Model 18SS, with instruction manual $ 30.00
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Mr. Pat Hathaway, Photo Archivist
California Views photo collection
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