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CV No. 2006-045-0001
First Cliff House, history photo collection
CV No. 79-083-0002
history photo collection
CV No. 78-024-0002
history photo collection
CV No. 79-073-0063
history photo collection
Charles C. Butler
First Cliff House
C.E. Watkins Photo
Circa 1863
Captain Junius G. Foster
Second Cliff House
Frank B. Rodolph 5x8 Glass Neg.
Circa 1887
Burned December 25, 1894
Adolph Sutro
Third Cliff House
Photo No. 37
January 14, 1896
Circa 1902
Cliff House fire
Charles T. Hall Photo
September 7, 1907
CV No. 92-037-0005
history photo collection
CV No. 99-077-0001
history photo collection
CV No. 75-064-0002
history photo collection
CV No. 2006-1351
Pat Hathaway Photo, history photo collection
Emma Sutro
Fourth Cliff House
November 1, 1909
Circa 1945
Cliff House
with the camera obscura
Circa 1953
Cliff House
with sky tram
Nicholas Vingrad Photo
Circa 1955
The New Cliff House
Pat Hathaway Photo

San Francisco 20th photo collection. Early San Francisco Views by Runnels & Stateler, Circa 1885
San Francisco Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.
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