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Photo Accession: CV # 93-019-00
Horse & Carriage
Pacific Grove
Circa 1905
Photo Accession: CV # 79-111-0005
Early Curtiss Pusher Biplane
Fuselage frame - Bamboo
Real photo postcard
Circa 1911
Photo Accession: CV #84-030-0002
Early Bicycle high wheel bike
Hotel Del Monte
5x8 Glass Neg.
Circa 1895
Thomas N. Lawson
Photo Accession: CV #87-044-0003
Thomas N. Lawson Sailing Ship
World's Only Seven Masted Schooner
Built in 1902 - lost in 1907
Circa 1902
Photo Accession: CV # 77-001-0004
Locomobile Steamer
runabout Autombile
at Hotel Del Monte
Circa 1900

early automobiles photo gallery
Photo Accession: CV # 2004-060-0001

Transportation pictorial collection
Central Pacific Railroad

C. P. Huntington 4-2-4 Locomotive
Built in 1863 Sacramento depot
Circa 1923

We also have photos of motorcycle such as Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycle.
More Transportation pictorial collection

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Steam Schooners and passenger liners
A collection of 33 prints of early San Francisco Maritime History from the 1860's-1930's
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