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Walnut Street Sisson Northern Calif history photo collection 1514
Photo Accession CV # 2011-033-1514
El Monte Hotel, Shamrock Saloon, on Walnut Street Sisson now Shasta City from the railroad tracks, Siskiyou County
Wm. F. Booth Jr. Circa 1909
Bartlett Springs  Northern California history photo collection Photo Accession CV # 73-004-0001
Bartlett Springs resort two-story hotel and cabins, Lake County
5x8 Glass Neg.
Circa 1885
State Capitol Northern California history photo collection Photo Accession CV # 89-033-0413
Rear View of the State Capitol, Sacramento, California,
5x7 Glass Neg.
Circa 1910
Main Street, Shasta City Northern California history photo collection Photo Accession CV # 93-081-0029
Mount Shasta Pharmacy Main Street, Shasta City, California
Circa 1930
 Quincy, Plumas County Northern California history photo collection
Photo Accession CV # 93-081-0027
Looking west Main Street, Quincy, Plumas County, Stinson Photo, California
Circa 1910
Shasta Springs Southern Pacific -Northern California history photo collection Photo Accession CV #96-067-0001
Shasta Springs Southern Pacific Passenger Train at Railroad Station
Siskiyou County, California R. J. Waters Photo
Circa 1905

Hunting and fishing photos
California North Coast and Mount Shasta
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