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California Views Photo Archives:
The Pat Hathaway California photo collection is one of the few collections of historical photographs of its type on the west coast.
A Monterey Peninsula resident for over 60 years, photo archivist / Photo Historian
Mr. Hathaway has been collecting and preserving the visual history of the Monterey Bay area for over 45 years.
Do you have a photo catalog?
I can't find a photo of the subject I'm looking for on this site?
How did the collection get started?
In what formats are images available?
How big is the California photo collection?
How did the photo collection grow?
Once I pay a license use fee, can I use the photo again and again?
How is the photograph collection used?
Can I get a copy of a photo e-mailed to me?
Whose works are in the photo collection?
What subjects are included in the collection?
Do you have a picture of my house?
Several local institutions failed
What dose Circa mean ?

Dedicated to the preservation of our photographic heritage

New works in progress included are notices of books not yet published and projects underway that are using images from our archives.
REQUEST for one-time non-exclusive use of photographic image form
What if I can't find a photo of what I'm looking for on this site?
This site displays only a small sampling of the over 81,955 photos in the photo collection on the web.
For a small fee we will make a selection of images and make scans of the images of subjects you request. Please e-mail Mr. Pat M. Hathaway with as much details about the image you require such as subject, place, date, format and any other information that will help us in our search. Please check our on line galleries of over 1,800 historical images.

Do you have a catalog of your California photos?
No, but we have over 34,230 California image out of the over 81,955 in the photo archive listed in our database.
We can provide a computer generated list by subject, place, date, photographer or any combination of the above for a small fee. Then we will make photo copies of images that you have selected from the list for your approval. (Research and copy fees will be assessed.)
We hold the areas largest collection of historic photos of old Monterey and Monterey County with over 28,000 cataloged in our database.

To see Examples of our work

Gallery of over 2,400 Photos available as Canvas prints, Framed Prints, Acrylic Prints and Greeting Cards.
Please click to see over 200 Searchable California Photo galleries with over 2,400 Photos
Prints are available from 11x14 to 40x60 inches.
All images are also available for editorial downloads and one-time editorial use.
Please keep checking back as we will be adding more galleries.
Once I pay a license fee / use fee, can I use the photo again and again?
No, the licensece use fee will only cover you for an agreed one-time, non-exclusive use. If you want to use the same photo for a different use later on, then there will be an additional fee to pay for each additional use. If you want to use a photo for a variety of uses at the same time (e.g. a marketing campaign) then an all-in-one fee can be negotiated. Please go to our stock photo page for more information.

In what formats are California images available?

California Views can provide 35 mm slides, or enlargements from 11x14 inches up to 4x8 feet. Larger on multiple panels, We carry a large selection of framed photos and unframed printsfrom 11 x14 - 40x60 in the gallery/ archives. In the early 1990's we provided a 44 sq. foot Scanachrome inkjet print for a client.
How can copies of images be obtained? California Views provides service by mail, phone at (831) 373-3811 and/ or by appointment.
A computer-generated list of subject, photographer, location, date, format (or any combination) is available for a small fee.

Can I get a copy of a photo e-mailed to me?

The only way to see copies of any photographs in the Photo Archives not shown on this site is to have scans made and e-mailed, available for a small fee.
You can get an Image download (Editorial Use)

How big is the California photograph collection?

California Views is the region's largest repository of historical photos. It now has over 81,955 black and white historical images and a large part of these have been carefully indexed in the archive s' database. Over 1,100 California photographers are represented in the photo collection.
We have what is possibly the largest collection of historical photographs of the Monterey area with over 28,000 images.
We also have over 8,900 35mm and 2x2 inch color slides of the Monterey Bay area by Mr. Pat Hathaway.

Famous People at California Views Photo Archives
What subjects are included in the California historical photography collection?
There are views of Monterey adobes, Monterey sardine fishing industry, Cannery Row, John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts, and our fases of Monterey gallery, Carmel, Pebble Beach, 17-Mile Drive, Point Lobos, Big Sur, Hotel Del Monte, Pacific Grove, Chinese fishing village, family scenes, landscapes, seascapes, aerials, early aviation, interiors, panoramas, California Missions, San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, Mill Valley & Mt. Tamalpais, naval vessels Transportation railroad, Salinas, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, California Shipwrecks , Gold mining, Yosemite Valley and much more. For a more complete list please go to places in the California photo collection.
We also have photos of We also have photos of Emperor Norton, 1860s, Robinson Jeffers and his wife, Una and family at Tor House in 1929, Jack London, George Sterling, Sinclair Lewis, Mary Austin, Robert Louis Stevenson, John Muir, Bret Hart, Mark Twain, James W. Marshall, Old Gabriel, Native Americans, Jimmy Hopper, Joaquin Miller, A.A. Cohen, Claus Spreckels, Luther Burbank, William Randolph Hearst, Millicent Hearst, Marion Davies, Death Valley Scotty, David Jacks, Charles A. Lindbergh, John E. Steinbeck, Clint Eastwood and others.

Whose works are in the California photo collection?

Included are works by two of Monterey's earliest photographers, C.W.J. Johnson (active locally from 1879-1903) and R.J. Arnold (1890-1929), who both served as official photographers for the Hotel Del Monte. The collection includes over 2,400 Photosimages by one of Pat's favorite photographer, Alameda's E.A. Cohen (1859-1939), and other photographers represented in the California historical collection include A.C. Heidrick (1876-1955), C.E. Watkins, (1829-1916) Louis S. Slevin (1979-1945), George Seideneck (1920-1955), Zan Stark (1890-1967) Nicholas Vingrad (1897-1976), William Morgan (1930-1967), Fred Harbick (1940-1960) and George A. Robinson (1913-1979), Horace Lyon (1888-1976).
For a more complete list please go to California photographers in the photo collection.

How is the California photographic collection used?

The collection is an important tool for historical research, and its images have been published in numerous books and magazines. It also has been used in surprising ways, including scientific research and urban planning. Biologists studying sea mammal populations glean vital information from turn-of-the-century photographs of pinnipeds basking on Seal Rock, and early aerial views can be invaluable for both developers and environmentalists. In displays at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas and the History Channel and A&E television.
A list of books and television programs have used photos from the photo collection.
New works in progress included are notices of books not yet published and projects underway.

How did the California photograph collection get started?
The photo collection was established on November 29, 1970, shortly after Pat's discharge from the Army. As fate would have it, while he was looking for a new direction, Jeanne Josselyn, the widow of early Carmel photographer Lewis Josselyn (1883-1964), was looking for a permanent home for her late husband's photo and negative collection of over 3,800 5"x7" glass plate, film negatives and original prints, this collection encompassed both Josselyn's work, Louis S. Slevin and other early Carmel photographers. That was the start of what is now a collection of over 1,100 photographers works and 81,955 historic images. At the time several local institutions failed to see the photo collection's potential and were reluctant to accept it; because it consisted primarily of large-format 5x7, 5x8, 6.5x8.5 & 8x10 and 11x14 glass negatives which were difficult to store and impossible to print with available contemporary enlargers. Determined that the immediate consideration was preserving the negative collection, Pat stepped in, saving over 3,800 5"x7" glass plate negatives and original prints from oblivion. Eventually, he found the large-format 10"x10" Durst enlarger needed to print the large format glass negatives, transforming the photo collection from a white elephant into a valuable California historical resource. If you have or know of any glass negatives or film negatives of Coastal California that need a home, please contact our archivist.

How did the California photo collection grow?

In the intervening years Monterey Photo Historian Pat Hathaway has been quite enterprising, always on the lookout for more images for his collection. Through his reputation as the guardian of the Monterey Peninsula's photographic heritage, as well as by searching out early photographers and their descendants through listings in an early phone book, haunting paper and ephemera shows, E-Bay and maintaining contact with vintage photograph dealers and owners of important collections, he has obtained important photo collections representing 19th- and 20th-century California photographers.

Do you have a picture of my house?

This may be one of the most frequently asked question we hear at California Views. There is a good chance that we have an image if you live in or near a noteworthy / historical site on the Monterey Peninsula on the California Central Coast.
There is no database by address, but you are welcome call to make an Appointment to come in and look through our photo files.

What does "Circa" mean ?

"Circa" means "about", used to show an approximate date. Circa 1910 = around 1910. This term is used when a specific date isn't known.
And California Views is always looking for new additions to the California photo collection,
From postcards to glass and film negatives of Monterey and Central California.
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