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Bixby Landing & Bixby Creek Bridge on Calif. Highway One, Big Sur.
Bixby Creek Bridge, Big Sur Copyright©1996 California Views
Photo Accession CV # 99-099-0003
35mm color negative
Canon F-1 and a 17mm FD Lens
November 12, 1999
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This view looking north on California Highway One on the Big Sur Coast.
By Pat Hathaway of Bixby Creek Bridge, which is 13.3 miles south of Carmel.
Bixby Landing from Hurricane Point, Big Sur Coast, California.
Bixby Creek Bridge, Big Sur Copyright©2019 California Views
Photo Accession CV # 2011-050-0001
Taken with a Canon 7D and a Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens
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December 21, 2011

Gone but not forgotten photos of our lost history.

This view also shows Bixby Landing an old dog hole port from the 1880's that had a loading chute used for loading redwood and tanbark and later Lime on to waiting dog hole schooners below.
Charles H. Bixby (1837-1915) homesteaded the area in 1868 and built a house and a sawmill in the 1870's giving it it's name Mill Creek. It was also known as Rainbow Creek some think for Bixby Bridge with its Rainbow like arch but in fact it was for Rainbow Lodge owned by Capt. Howard G. Sharpe and predates the bridge by over ten years.
The Landing was also known as Hamilton Landing in 1889. In later years the Monterey Lime Company operated from 1904-1910 mined lime up Bixby Canyon and had 4 lime kilns and an aerial cable tramway from the kilns 3 miles up the canyon to the landing on the coast.
The coast road has had its share of names from the Carmel-San Simeon Highway, Roosevelt Highway and now as California Highway One.
It was from this site that the California Sea Otters (Enhydra lutris nereis) were rediscovered in March of 1938 by Howard G. Sharpe at Bixby Inn at the North end of the bridge on a small clearing on the cliff.
Bixby Landing was the setting for Robinson Jeffers poem Thurso's Landing and in the summer of 1960 Jack Kerouac of On the Road fame spent some time in a cabin of friend Lawrence Ferlinghetti in Bixby Canyon. And in 1969-70 the television show "Then Came Bronson" used the bridge in it's opening scene. Bixby Bridge is the crowning jewell of the Big Sur Highway and has been photographed and used in movies and television commercials. To see other color photos of Big Sur by Pat Hathaway would like to see other photos from pats travels please go to this Photo Gallery.
We have over 500 photos of Bixby Creek Bridge and the Bixby Canyon area and Notley's Landing the Big Sur Coast, Dolphins and California Beach Scenes in the photographic collection.
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