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California Stock Photography Use Fees (single edition, single language):

California Views makes no representation of exclusive ownership of rights to images in its photo collection.
We are simply granting permission to reproduce and use images from our photos collection.
A large part of the collection is made up of the original glass negatives or film negatives which will insure the best possible quality of reproduction.
A research fee will be charged for requests for information: $50.00 and $135.00 after hours.
This fee is not applied to the photo use fee.
An extensive portion of the photo collection has been computer indexed over 31,610, and computer searches are available by subject, place, photographer or date.
There is a minimum charge of $10.00 for materials generated on behalf of your research photocopies, computer print-outs.
This does not include research time, which is calculated separately according to the rates shown above.
Requests for publication, reuse, or changes of use must be submitted in writing to the to the archivist.
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  1. Credit line to read: "Mr. Pat Hathaway photo collection, Monterey, CA" and the photographer name if know and negative number are required in the credit line..
  2. On-page credits are preferred.
  3. If no negative or scan exist one will have to be made to complete the order at patrons expense.
  4. All negatives and images remain the property of Mr. Pat Hathaway and the California Views photo collection.
  5. Use fees must be paid in full prior to the date of publication or broadcast.
  6. Full payment due within thirty (30) days or prior to publication or use which ever occurs first.
  7. California State and local sales tax (7.25%) is included on all sales in California.
  8. Please return all photographs via Federal Express or registered mail to: Mr. Pat Hathaway, Photo Archivist
  9. We do not sell our images outright but rather 'lease' them for specific purposes.
  10. Client shall provide one free copy of publication, book, magazine, CD, DVD, periodical or video or television production on a DVD.

We have over 34,555 historical California images listed in our database and can provide a computer generated list by subject, place, date, photographer and format or any combination of the above for a small fee.

New works in progress included are notices of books not yet published and projects underway that are using images from our archives.
Request for one-time use of photographic image form.
Please click to see over 100 Searchable California galleries with over 1500 photos
Prints are available in Sepia from 11x14 to 40x60 inches.
All images are also available for editorial downloads and one-time editorial use.
Please keep checking back as we will be adding more galleries
All use are for one time and non-exclusive, U. S. rights only

All prices subject to change without notice.
All price are in U. S. dollars


Purchase of reproduction rights grants 60 day
possession rights of side image.
Under 30,000 circulation / up to 1/4 page: $125.00
Under 50,000 circulation / up to 1/2 page: $135.00
Under 30,000 circulation / up to full page: $150.00
   30,001- 40,000 circulation / up to 1/4 page: $155.00
   30,001- 40,000 circulation / up to full page: $255.00
       Over 40,000 circulation / up to 1/4 page: $180.00
       Over 40,000 circulation / up to 1/2 page: $200.00
       Over 40,000 circulation / up to full page: $300.00
Other displays: Negotiable please call
Chapter openers base +25%
Under 50,000 circulation / up to 1/4 page: $135.00
Under 50,000 circulation / up to full page: $155.00
50,001 - 100,000 circulation / up to 1/4 page: $170.00
50,001 - 100,000 circulation / up to full page:$230.00
Over 100,000 circulation / up to 1/4 page: $210.00
Over 100,000 circulation / up to full page: $300.00
Other displays: negotiable

AUDIO-VISUAL and television use fees
Five years of use, an additional five
at 50% of original use fee
Educational use fees: $125.00 - $ 175.00
Commercial use fee: $150.00 - $ 300.00

On-site copying, by user, per hour (One-hour minimum) $150.00

only search California Views Photo Archives
WEB PAGE use fee are for a one year period only and at 72 dpi.
and power point presentations
Personal $ 50.00 Small Business $ 140.00; large business $ 220.00
With the credit line a hot link to our homepage California Views Photo Collection

If you have a use that is not listed above, please contact us for a specific quote. Thank You.
Foreign use
(broader exposure equals larger base rates) U.S. and North American rights are subtotal + 25% additional language subtotal +25% World rights in one language subtotal + 100%
Re-use (usually, 50% discounts apply here) with no change in use IE: Size, placement.
Re-use each subsequent edition will be charged at 50% of original use fee.
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