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Presidio of Monterey - U. S. Army Post

Soldier of Company E, 15th Infantry Regiment
Photo accession CV # 2001-048-0001
Witsen & Schwan photographers, Circa 1905

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Ruins of Fort Mervin, El Castillo, John D. Sloat Monument, Viscaino-Serra Landing Place
1st Squardron 9th Cavalry (Buffalo Soldiers) 1902-1904
Actor Ronald Reagan in the Warner Bros. production of
Sergent Murphy in 1937.
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Presidio pictorial collection

Exhibition platoon of the 11th Cavalry on Del Monte Beach, Circa 1936
Photo by A.C. Heidrick (1/18/1876 - 9/8/1955)
Photo accession CV # 81-038-0002

In October of 1902 Companies "E" and "F" of the 15th Infantry arrived in Monterey to start building the first military post in upper California.
The 15th stayed until 1906 they were replaced by the 20th Infantry and they were replaced by the 12th Infantry in 1909. And the 8th Infantry Regiment 1908-1912.
Early photo of the Presidio of Monterey
On July 9, 1919 the 11th Cavalry came from Fort Myer, Virginia staying until 1940.
In September of 1924, troops of the 11th Cavalry and 76th Field Artillery helped battle an Oil fire
The Presidio was also home of the 76th Field Artillery from 1922-1940.
Fort Ord was across the Monterey Bay from the Presidio of Monterey.
officers club presidio of monterey
The Officers Club was built in 1905 above Soldier Field
Edw. H. Mitchell, postcard # 1148
Photo accession CV # 79-038-0007

We also have photos of the Great White Fleet, Monterey Bay 1908
and Military photos from our archives
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