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Edward H. Mitchell Postcard Publisher 1867-1932

Edward Henry Mitchell was born on April 27, 1867 in San Francisco and was one of the most prolific postcard publishers on the west coast of the United States and was based in San Francisco from the late 1890’s to the early-1920s.
In the 1891 Langley's San Francisco directory he is listed as manager of the stationery dept. The Bancroft Co. and lived with his mother Mary Hodnett Mitchell at 6 Ford St.
He married Idelle G. Lanehan Mitchell on November 26, 1891, she was born on June 16 of 1870 also in San Francisco and lived until 1941 and was survived by three children, a son, Allen G. Mitchell and two daughters, Mrs. Stafford (Marion) Buckley and Mrs. Garton Keyston – all residents in the S. F. Bay area.
He was Primarily a businessman not a photographer
He bought the postcard business of California scenes and one set depicting Yellowstone National Park published by Albert Kayser of Oakland in 1898.
Before the earthquake he was at 225 Post Street and after he was at 3363 Army Street now Cesar Chavez Street, San Francisco.
Over the years Mitchell bought out numerous small western competitors.
One was George A. Besaw (1846-1923) of the Western Card Company publisher of realphoto cards and located in Reedley, California Mitchell hired Besaw in May of 1911.
Mitchell printed postcards for a number of other publishers as well to name a few Charles Roscoe Savage,"Michael" M. Rieder of L. A,. We have a number of cards published by Mitchell that where taken by photographers that we hold the original negatives or prints used to make the cards some of the photographers were Charles Leon Aydelotte (1868-1924) of Santa Cruz, E. A. Cohen (1859-1939) of Alameda, R. J. Arnold (1856-1929) and A.C. Heidrick (1876-1955) of Monterey.
In 1921 he is listed President with F. E. Edwards as Secretary of Dominion Oil Company, 3363 Army St., San Francisco.
Mitchell retired from the postcard business in 1923 and sold the remainder of his stock of three-and-a-half million cards in Los Angeles for only $500.00
In 1928-30 he is listed as V-press-treas of the Pacific Novelty Co. 579 Market St. S. F., Later in life he dealt in real estate and oil well leasing.
The Mitchells moved to 509 Hale Street at University Ave., Palo Alto. He died on October 24, 1932 in Palo Alto of a heart attack at 65 years old.

S-453 Salmon Caught in Monterey Bay, Cal.
Edward H. Mitchell publisher

3166 Guard House, Presidio of Monterey
Edward H. Mitchell publisher
2572 Landing Place ofVicaino and Padre Serra, Monterey
Edward H. Mitchell publisher

Salmon Caught in Monterey Bay, Cal.
Original 5x7 print with crop marks that was used to make the above card
Guard House, Presidio of Monterey
A.C. Heidrick photo
Realphoto Postcard
First Landing Place 1602, Monterey
R. J. Arnold Photographer
6.5x8.5 Glass Neg.
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and Monterey area photographers that made postcards
A good book on Real Photo Postcard Guide : The People's Photography by Robert Bogdan and Todd Weseloh Copyright©2006
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