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Early Southern California Photographers

Some of the Southern California Photographer in our collection

Richard J. Arnold
Morro Street, San Luis Obisp
[Ca. 1886-1888]
S. W. corner of Alvarado and Pearl Streets
[Ca. 1899-1929]
(June 28, 1856- May 19, 1929)

Charles Z. Bailey
Los Angeles
July 29, 1873-July 30, 1954

James B. Blanchard
715 N. Main Street
Los Angeles
[Ca. 1890-1902]

Isaac N. Cook
Isaac Newton Cook
814 State Street
Santa Barbara
Was born in Fredericktown, Ohio
January 4, 1827
Died October 6, 1894
in Santa Barbara
[Ca. 1885-1889]

William H. Fletcher
1342 Calumet Avenue
Los Angeles
[Ca. 1885-1900]

Burton Frasher
(July 25, 1888- April 24, 1955)
Commercial photography
Pomona, California

Frost, Edward Sands & Son Photo
Colorado Boulevard
(Born in 1843-1894)
[Ca. 1877-1887] Sold to Lucius Jarvis
(1865-1943) in 1887

Photographic View Rooms
William M. Godfrey
Nov. 9, 1825-Nov. 4, 1900
Hangtown in 1850
Franklin & Godfrey San Bernardino 1865
Rendall & Godfrey, Los Angeles 1867
Downey Block, Main Street
Los Angeles
[Ca. 1870-18??]
Sold out to Harry T. Payne

Gum Photo
Avalon Bay
Santa Catalina Island
S. California

Edwin J. Hayward
He was born in Canada in 1837
State Street
Santa Barbara
He died in 1911
came from Chicago
[Ca. 1872-1900]
Hayward E. J. & Muzzall, H. W.
Cor. State and De la Guerra
Santa Barbara
"Henry" H. W. Muzzall
Was born in Indiana in 1844
He died in 1924 at Santa Barbara
[Ca. 1873-1883]

"Russell" R. R. R. Holmes
"Heliograph Artist"
El Dorado
California, circa 1870
Sun Beam Gallery, Morrow St.
San Luis Obispo
Born April 11, 1843 - Missouri
Died May 3, 1883, San Luis Obispo
[Ca. 1877-1883]

Jarvis, Lucius E.
Working for E. S. Frost and Son he later bought them out
His father Benjamin Jarvis (1835-1916)
joined him in Pasadena from Iowa
Colorado Boulevard
(Born in Iowa Oct. 9, 1865 - Dec. 7, 1943)

C. W. Judd
New County Bank Building
Santa Barbara

[Ca. 1880-1899]
860 Fifth Street
San Diego

Theodore J. Kerlin
Successor to John A. Todd
Circa 1884
318 and 320 J. Street
(Born Ohio 1861-19??)
[Ca. 1880-1891]

Walter L. Newton
1015 State Street
Santa Barbara
[Ca. 1895-1898]

Frank L. Parker Photo
211 West First
Los Angeles
[Ca. 1898-1903]

Lee N. Passmore Photo
San Diego
He was born in Canada
[Ca. 1908-1958]

Henry T. Payne
Abt 1845 in Illinois
Santa Barbara [1870-1872]
65 Main Street
Los Angeles
[Ca. 1874-1886]

Charles C. Pierce Photo
313 Spring Street
Los Angeles
Came to S. California in 1886
[Ca. 1886-1905]

James T. Pollock
606 East Fifth street
Los Angeles
[Ca. 1896-1902]
1905 Oakland, Calif.

William J. Rea
1878-1882 St. Joseph, Missouri
State Street end Haley Sts res Same
Santa Barbara
[Ca. 1886-1890]
San Luis Obispo
In R.R.R. Holmes Old Gallery on Morrow St.

Norman Hull Reed
Opposite Clock Building
Santa Barbara
[Ca. 1887-1900]
(1848 - Nov. 17, 1917)

Alfred Horace Rogers
Byrne Building 433 Third St., Bet D & E.
San Bernardino, Cal. [1890-1995]
State Street
Santa Barbara, Cal.
[Ca. 1898-1902]
Born on June 25, 1865 in Australia
Died Feb. 25, 1917)
in Los Angeles, Calif.

Stringfield, Alfred Moore
State Street
Santa Barbara
(7/10/1849 - 9/16/1886
[Ca. 1880-1886]
His wife ran the galley after his death.

William Nutting Tuttle
Santa Barbara [Ca. 1873-1875]
September 1, 1845 in Massachusetts
March 7, 1895) in Sydney, Australia
[Ca. 1860-1880]

Partnerships: Flanders & Tuttle in Eureka 1865-66
Tuttle & Brownell, 1867
Tuttle & Lehe, Stockton 1868
Tuttle & Johnson, Arcata 1868
Tuttle & Johnson, San Francisco 1869-70
Tuttle & Hyde, Chico 1872
Tuttle & Benedict, Heliographic Artists, San Francisco 1873
Tuttle & Fitzgerald, Santa Barbara 1873-75
Tuttle & Lee, Temple Block, Los Angeles 1874-75
Tuttle & Muzzall, Santa Barbara 1875
Tuttle & Payne, Los Angeles 1878-79
Tuttle & Rieman, San Francisco 1879
In 1880, Tuttle left his family in Oakland and sailed to Sydney, Australia

Waite, C. B. (Charles Burlingame)
Temple Block, Los Angeles
He was born in Akron, Ohio
He was in Mexico City 1896 - 1913
Wilson Block, SE Corner Spring and First Sts.
Los Angeles, Calif.
(c. 1860 - c. 1929)

Stephen W. Watrous Photo
Holt Block, Visalia
Born in Massachusetts about 1844
Died in San Jose, CA 1898
[Ca. 1876-1888]
Santa Cruz Co. 1893-1897

Adam Clark Vroman
60 E. Colorado Boulevard
April 15, 1856 in La Salle, Illinois
July 24, 1916
Died in Altadena, Calif.
Northern California , Sacramento, Mount Shasta, Mount Lassen, Stockton and Sonoma County.
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Early Northern California and Southern California Photographers
and Monterey area photographers that made postcards
California history photo collection, No. 88-059-0007
L. K. Hathaway Packing Oranges
For Porter Bros. & Co." who were a major commission house.
Los Angeles, Riverside Oranges
Circa 1890
Photo Accession CV # 88-059-0007 E. S. Frost & Son Photo

Early Photographic Copyist
Martin Behrman (1862-1945) AKA M.B. Collection
T.E. Hecht Treu Ergeben Hecht was born in Tahiti in 1875 and his his family moved to San Francisco in 1878 , of 430 35th Ave.,
San Francisco were died in 1937.
Alfred Ben Jacobs Druggist, 1601 Polk St., San Francisco.
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