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Some Early Northern California Photographers

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Thomas Houseworth (1828-1915)
Born in New York, he came to California in 1849
No. 9 Montgomery Street, San Francisco
Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916)
Watkins was born on November 11, 1829 in New York State.
No. 427 Montgomery Street, San Francisco
Eadweard J. Muybridge (1830-1904)
Born England
415 Montgomery Street, San Francisco
Isaiah W. Taber (1830-1912)
Isaiah West Taber was born in Massachusetts on September 17, 1830.
Charles Wallace Jacob Johnson (1833-1903)
Born in Maryland on August 3, 1833
Tuttle & Johnson in Eureka 1868
Watsonville 1879
Monterey & Hotel Del Monte 1880-1903

C.W.J. Johnson's Views of California Scenery

George Fiske
Born Amherst, New Hampshire
Born October 22, 1835
Died October 21, 1918
He apprenticed with Charles L. Weed and worked under Carleton E. Watkins in San Francisco. Fiske and his wife moved to Yosemite in 1879 and have the first year round studio in the valley.
PPhoto studio
George Fiske
Views and groups to order

Frank Bequette Rodolph
(Jan. 1843- April 29, 1923)
He was born in Wisconsin
He moved to Oakland in 1869
He had a stationery store at 969 Washington Street, Oakland
Photographers on the beach on the California Coast
"The Merry Tramps."
# 79-083-0004 California Views Photo Archives 5x8 Glass
CV # 79-083-0004
5x8 glass plate negative

William Nutting Tuttle (1845-1895)
Born on September 1, 1845
Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts
Tuttle & Johnson in Eureka 1868
Santa Barbara 1873-75
Died on March 7, 1895 in Sydney, Australia
George B. Rieman and
William Nutting Tuttle
J. Pitcher Spooner (1845-1917)
He was born in New Bedford, Massachustt
of Stockton, Calif. in 1879
Spooner retired in 1901
From a back stamp on a cdv
J.P. Spooner with a large studio camera
171,173 & 175 Main Street, Kidd's Block, Stockton, Calif
(Augustus William) A. W. Ericson (1848-1927)
Born in Orebro, Sweden April 26, 1848
Died August 15, 1927
He lived in Trinidad from 1869-1876
Moving to Arcata, in 1876 Humboldt County

Arthur Clarence Pillsbury (1870-1946)
Born on October 9th, 1870 in Medford, Massachusetts.
Died in Oakland March 5, 1946
A.C. Pillsbury Picture Co.
174 Gary St., San Francisco, Cal.
PPhoto studio

Charles Beebe Turrill
(March 26, 1854-May 11, 1927)
Charles O. Miller (February 1876-19?)
San Francisco
Turrill & Miller Photo

Northern California Views
Photographic Copyist
Martin Behrman (1862-1945) AKA M.B. Collection
T.E. Hecht Treu Ergeben Hecht was born in Tahiti in 1875 and his his family moved to San Francisco in 1878, of 430 35th Ave.,
San Francisco were died on September 24, 1937.
Alfred Ben Jacobs druggist, 1601 Polk St., San Francisco.

Monterey Bay area photographers that made postcards
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