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Monterey Bay area photographers that made real photo postcard

Richard J. Arnold , (June 28, 1856 - May 19, 1929) Monterey
Charles Leon Aydelotte: (1868-1924) Santa Cruz
George R. Butler, (1862-1930) Salinas
Carrol B. Clark, (September 12,1868-March 15, 1951) Pacific Grove
Cecil C. Coy, (November 1, 1892-November 27, 1978) Salinas
Dan Freeman, (October 26, 1876-1962) Pacific Grove & Monterey
Julian P. Graham,(March 13, 1886 -November 14, 1963) Pebble Beach
Robert N. Green, (May 30, 1905 - December 24, 1968), Salinas
A. C. Heidrick, (Jan. 18, 1876-September 8, 1955) Monterey
Robert W. Horne, Circa 1905-1914, (1880-19??) Salinas
Leopold Hugo, (December 24, 1866-September 7, 1933) Santa Cruz & Pacific Grove
Lewis Josselyn , (Sept. 13, 1883- March 14, 1964) Carmel
James E. Meddaugh, (1864-1926), Watsonville
Carl Jones, Mission Photo, (Feb. 13, 1896-January 3, 1994) Monterey
California Postcard by Alexander J. "Zan" Stark gallery (4/10/1889- 3/17/1967) of Mill Valley
Joseph K. Oliver, (April 26, 1863-Feb 28, 1942) Monterey
Ole Ravnos (1864-1945) Capitola (1907-1915)
Louis S. Slevin, (November 7, 1879 - November 9, 1945) Carmel
Anton T. Sorillon, Circa 1903 (March 1868-19??) Monterey
Francis C. Swain, (July 24, 1866-May 6, 1945) Monterey
Chester B. Toombs, (September 12, 1879-May 6, 1962) Pacific Grove
H.G. Trout & Stanford, Circa 1910 Salinas
Hugh G. Trout, (July 18, 1880- May 21,1934) Salinas
Charles K. Tuttle, (December 29, 1859 - August 2, 1939) Pacific Grove
Joseph C. Vasser, (Jan. 7, 1877-19??) Salinas
Anson C. Warner, (1846-1922) Pacific Grove
Herbert G. Webb, Custom House Studio, Circa 1908 Monterey
Donald L. Woodward, (1901-1962) Monterey
George Alfred Besaw (1880-1970) Western Card Company
Monterey Peninsula: A Postcard Journey
By Burlington Willes, with over 300 postcards from the Pat Hathaway collection of California Views archives.
Gibbs Smith, Publisher, June, 2005
As of 2011 not available from the publisher but we still have some copies.

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Early Northern California and Southern California Photographers
A good book on Real Photo Postcard Guide : The People's Photography by Robert Bogdan and Todd Weseloh Copyright©2006
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Eadweard Muybridge, Gold Mining, Circa 1876
C.E. Watkins Lovers Point, Pacific Grove, Circa 1882
Hayward & Muzzall's, Santa Barbara Mission, 1875
Thomas Houseworth & Co. Mission San Juan Bautista, Circa 1865
I.W. Taber, Farallone Lighthouse, Pacific Ocean
C.W.J. Johnson , Pacific Grove Retreat gate, Circa 1880
Charles Kirkham Tuttle, Pacific Grove
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E.K. Barker, early Monterey photographer
Edward H. Mitchell Postcard Publisher, San Francisco
Leopold Hugo, California Pictorialist
R.J. Arnold, early Monterey photographer
A.C. Heidrick , panoramic photos
Charles Z. Bailey, postcard photographer
J.P. Graham , as Hotel del Monte photographer in 1924
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